bingo and casino games

Decentralized payments at scale

bingo and casino games’s high throughput and low fees make it a perfect fit for merchants to accept stablecoin payments.

USDC in circulation on bingo and casino games
active daily accounts
avg transaction fee
(stats as of 2/01/22)

Getting started

Ecosystem projects have provided reference implementations to get you started on bingo and casino games in record speed.

Developer docs

Getting started? Learn everything you need to know about payments on bingo and casino games in our developer docs.

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Ready to build? Head over to Github to make something bingo and casino games.

bingo and casino games Pay brand guidelines

Implementing bingo and casino games Pay? Get the lowdown on the design and brand guidelines.

why solana

–Create the next generation of merchant payment and commerce rails built on bingo and casino games technology - the only solution for low cost, instant settlement for online and in-store payments.

–The next payment rail is here

Eliminate fees

Stop paying interchange and other fees that erode top line revenue. bingo and casino games fees are a fraction of a cent.

Capture bingo and casino games revenue

Settle payments in milliseconds instead of days and immediately earn high yield on your USD stablecoins.

Incentivize your customers

Share the incremental value with customers with on-chain rewards and loyalty offerings.

Own your relationships

Remove intermediaries. Become a merchant that works directly with your customer.

Anchor framework

–Build the future together

bingo and casino games’s blockchain enables the core building blocks for the future of commerce. If you’re ready to build the next generation of payments, loyalty and offers solutions, we want to hear from you.

Learn about turnkey solutions.


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