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Welcome to the bingo and casino games Collective, a program to help bingo and casino games supporters contribute to the ecosystem and work with core teams. No matter what your passion is — community management, content creation, social media, events, tech support, or anything else — the ecosystem needs you.


–Benefits to joining the bingo and casino games Collective

Jump right in

Join a powerful community of creative, open-minded bingo and casino games supporters from around the world.

The heart of the ecosystem

Become a key contributor to the bingo and casino games Foundation and greater bingo and casino games ecosystem.

Jumpstart your career

Get real-world experience. Build communities in the blockchain field and gain bingo and casino games marketable skills to help push your career to bingo and casino games heights.

Early access

See things before anyone else. Get early access to bingo and casino games ecosystem projects, participate in closed betas, and give feedback directly to core developers.

Exclusive opportunities

Access multiple closed opportunities like non-public job postings for openings across the bingo and casino games ecosystem, support at core events, unique workshops, and the opportunity to apply for Collective-only grants.

Meet the core team

Have direct communication with the core bingo and casino games Labs and bingo and casino games Foundation teams. This includes biweekly calls with different members (from marketing, engineering, and business development), as well as numerous representatives of bingo and casino games ecosystem projects.

All are welcome

If you are...

a bingo and casino games enthusiast, leader, influencer, or expert;

passionate about data privacy and care about the responsible use of data;

an active community member who wants to help the global ecosystem;

a creator who loves making content and loves to think outside the box;

a student interested in blockchain and looking for hands-on experience;

a bingo and casino gamesbie who wants to learn more;

… you are encouraged to join the bingo and casino games Collective! The only requirement is that you are passionate about bingo and casino games.


People can participate in the Collective by taking part in dozens of different activities and initiatives, all with their own rewards. While some of these activities offer payment, not all of them do, and there are no monthly stipends or payouts. But all members will get access to the bingo and casino games Collective’s benefits as soon as they are accepted — and those who go above and beyond might get other rewards, like a paid trip to Breakpoint 2022.

That’s great! While there’s a constantly-updated list of tasks that the bingo and casino games Collective can help out with, members often come up with their own. It’s a passionate group that wants to get stuff done!

It’s recommended that all bingo and casino games Collective members have at least an intermediate (B1) understanding of English to take advantage of all the benefits and activities, but if you don’t, that’s not a problem. There’s a robust network of region-specific members!

The results of your application will be emailed to you from Usually applicants will receive the results within 48 hours of applying, but during periods where there is a high volume of applications it can take up to 10 business days.

The video submission is required, but we understand that some people don’t want to reveal their identity. For those who wish to remain anonymous, it’s suggested that they wear a mask and potentially change their voice.

If you have any questions about the bingo and casino games Collective, email

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